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Product Overview

An oral anabolic steroid for sale popularly referred to as Anadrol is 50 mg of oxymetholone. It is derived from dihydrotestosterone and is well known for having strong muscle-building effects. With 50 milligrams of oxymetholone per pill, this is one of the most potent options for anyone looking to increase muscle mass and strength quickly. Von Anadrol is frequently used to treat illnesses like anemia in both medical and bodybuilding situations. When taken orally, it is both practical and efficient. But because of its strength, use ought to be done so carefully and under a doctor’s supervision.

How does it Work?

Red blood cell formation and protein synthesis are two of the ways that Anadrol online works. It functions as an anabolic steroid by binding to androgen receptors in muscle tissue, which helps muscles retain nitrogen and grow quickly. Strength and muscular mass increase significantly because of this. It also increases erythropoietin synthesis, which improves oxygen delivery to muscles and increases the number of red blood cells. This helps to improve endurance and postpone weariness.

Proper Use and Dosage

While even smaller dosages may be useful, the usual range for Anadrol for sale dosage is 50 to 150 mg per day. Oral administration is used, typically with tablets. It is frequently used to encourage quick gains in strength and muscle development during bulking cycles. It is recommended that beginners start with lesser doses due to its strong nature. Usually, the use period is restricted to 4 to 6 weeks to minimize any possible adverse effects. Post-cycle therapy, liver function testing, and routine health monitoring are essential.


Anadrol 50 for sale provides significant and quick gains in strength and muscular growth. It significantly increases the synthesis of proteins, which improves muscle growth and repair. Within a little time, users frequently see a marked increase in strength and muscular mass. Because the steroid increases red blood cell synthesis, muscles receive better oxygen delivery, which increases endurance and postpones weariness. Because of this, bodybuilders and athletes find it especially helpful during periods of rigorous training.

Side effects

Because oxymetholone is taken orally, using 50 mg of it may have adverse consequences, such as liver poisoning. It’s usual to retain water, which can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure. It is possible to experience androgenic consequences such acne, hair loss, and heightened hostility. The steroid might have a detrimental effect on cholesterol levels. Symptoms of virilization in female users include deepening of voice and increased hair growth. Hormonal imbalances may result from suppression of the body’s natural testosterone production. The likelihood of dependence may rise with continued use.

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