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This item: Etho®- Testosterone 300mg/ml


Testosterone enanthate is an active anabolic steroid for medicating low testosterone levels in men. It is used in men and boys to treat conditions caused by lack of testosterone hormones such as delayed puberty, impotence and other hormonal imbalance. Women buy steroids in this class to treat breast cancer that cannot be treated with surgery. Transgender men also use this class for hormone therapy. Solution is clear, colorless to pale yellow

Dosage and duration of administering this medication will depend on diagnosis, age, sex, respond to treatment and the adverse effects of the patient. This steroid is injected under the skin or into a muscle, administer every 2 to 4 weeks. Testosterone Enanthates should be given only by a healthcare professional. The medication of this steroid will depend on the condition being treated. Always consult your physician before you buy steroids.

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48 reviews for Etho®- Testosterone 300mg/ml

  1. Closetedjuicer

    Real deal gear. Ran this compound for 12 weeks and everything went absolutely beautiful, I was highly skeptical before buying .. but after 2 successful purchases I will literally never look anywhere ever again. AAS is the real deal holyfield

  2. Brandon Juenger

  3. Anonymous

    These guys (and ladies) are top notch. Prices are a little high but the service IMO is more than worth it. Great product(s) and great service with fast delivery!

  4. Anonymous

    Very fast delivery great service

  5. Anonymous

    Quick, fast, accurate delivery.👍

  6. Anonymous

  7. Anonymous

  8. Eddie Salazar

    Your service was great the people on the phone with great everything was great thank you again

  9. Curtis


    Absolutely amazing customer service, something I’ve never experienced before. Shipping was fast! No issues whatsoever. 3 weeks into cycle I feel great and strong. Only supplier I will use

  11. Marcel S.

  12. Thomas

    Great product

  13. Thomas

  14. hendrickdrew1986

    I was completely amazed by how fast I received my order and very pleased with the product I done a 10 week cycle of this an the suston 250 after I had hurt my back at work an lost a bunch of weight and I gained 30lbs in those 10 weeks! I’m now doing a cycle of the test e and the deca can’t wait


    Very very fast delivery and real good gear too I was able to gain 30 lbs off of this an sustaton

  16. Vance M.

  17. John P.


  18. Gary

    Great gear, hassle free and lightning fast deliveries

  19. Anonymous

  20. Anonymous

  21. Jim

    Great product. Great results.

  22. Anonymous

  23. Luis Carrillo

  24. Anonymous

  25. Anthony Volpe

    Customer service is the best I ever dealt with. My own parents don’t even reply to me as quick as AAS does when I have a question about something.
    As for the gear – so far so good. As long as you put the work in no doubt positive gains

  26. Brandon C.

  27. Anonymous

  28. Anonymous

    Legit sh*t. No bunk

  29. Anthony Leone

    Excellent, expeditious service!!! None better!!!!!!

  30. SEAN P.

    Great Product, you guys deliver what you say.

  31. Joseph

    All ASS products are the real deal. Using ASS for over a year & if there is any issue they take care of it immediately! Great Co.

  32. Anthony Volpe

    Always happy with AAS. I’m just about done a 12 week cycle and I gained 17 pounds and it wasn’t in my belly.

  33. Scott

    💯 Satisfied. Fast shipping. Will definitely buy from them again.

  34. Curtis

    Good quality and always on time.

  35. Al

    Great products !!!

  36. Justin L.

  37. Anonymous

  38. Santo SancheZ

  39. Justin W.

  40. Anthony Volpe

    Love doing business with AAS. I’ve place 4 orders since July and I’m never disappointed. Delivery is taking a little longer because of COVID so plan ahead

  41. Eric Brown

  42. Cody

    Fast, discrete shipping! Great products that have all tested good!

  43. Anonymous

  44. Jerry C.

    This isn’t my first rodeo but still no disappointment!!

  45. Victor

  46. saharatachiteryx

    good stuff

  47. Tom

    Shipping is very slow, ordered on the 30th and scheduled delivery for Tuesday July 5th. I believe that the quality will make it worth its weight on gold.

    • Ethan Cash

      that’s 5 days how fast did you wanted it to be

  48. hendrickdrew1986

    I had always liked there products and services and had never had any troubles until this last time, first off the shipping package was packaged poorly and wasn’t nowhere near as good as it once was. Then 2nd the product test e there’s something different with it this time and I don’t like it, I’d never had any problems before and always liked the results but this time every time I take a dose it hurts me so bad for the next 5-7 days and I thought I might’ve done something wrong the first does or tensed up so I went ahead and done another dose and same thing and was like 3rd time is the charm but nope once again done same thing so after 3 doses of it like that I just quit taking it, it’s never done me like that before and I don’t understand why it has this time. Then I tried to get on here and ask them about it and it wouldn’t never let me open a report or make a claim or give me an email address so I’m alittle frustrated and hesitate to buy anything else from them afraid it’ll be like this last order.

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