Testomed C 250mg – Testosterone Cypionate – Deus Medical


Active Ingredient: Testosterone Cypionate 200mg
Active Half-life: 7-8 Days
Classification: Anabolic Steroid
Dosage Men: 200-1600 mg/week
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Yes
Hbr: Perhaps
Hepatology: No
Aromatization: Yes

Testomed C 250mg – Testosterone Cypionate – Deus Medical


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Testomed C 250mg – Testosterone Cypionate – Deus Medical
This item: Testomed C 250mg – Testosterone Cypionate – Deus Medical


Deus Medical manufactures a product called Testomed C 250mg, which purports to be a testosterone derivative called Testosterone Cypionate. Although testosterone, the male sex hormone, is found naturally, steroids for sale are a synthetic version of it. Men with low testosterone levels often use it as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

How does it work?

As a kind of hormone replacement therapy, testosterone cyanate is administered to people with low testosterone levels as a result of diseases such as hypogonadism, which is the insufficient function of the testes. By providing exogenous (external) Testomed C 250mg Online, the body can generate greater amounts of testosterone. An androgen receptor found in a variety of tissues, including muscle and bone, is bonded to testosterone and activated to produce its effects. The expression of specific genes that are activated in this way is thought to be responsible for the development and maintenance of masculine traits, so buy steroids online.


Teenagers who have postponed puberty or secondary sexual characteristic development may be prescribed Testomed C 250mg For Sale to expedite puberty and promote healthy development. For transgender men—men who were born with a female gender identity but now identify as male—gear steroids are used in hormone therapy to produce and maintain masculine physical characteristics.


To treat hypogonadism in adult males, the usual dosage for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is between 50 and 400 mg every two to four weeks. The patient’s age, overall health, response to treatment, and level of Testosterone Cypionate 250mg Online. deficiency are some of the factors that will dictate the exact dosage.


The following are a few possible advantages:

  • Boosted Energy and Mood with Testosterone Cypionate For Sale:
  • Enhanced Libido:
  • Strength and Mass of Muscle: 
  • The density of bones: 
  • Enhanced Cognitive Capability: 
  • Body Make-Up: 
  • Red blood cell production, or erythropoiesis:

Side Effects:

The following are some possible adverse effects 

  • Reactions at the Injection Site
  • Retention of Fluids
  • Oily Skin and Acne
  • An elevated count of red blood cells
  • Apnea during Sleep
  • Breast Enlargement or Tenderness

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