Arimimed 1mg – Anastrozole – Deus Medical


Active: (anastrozole) Tabs
Molar mass: 293.366 g/mol
CAS ID: 120511-73-1
Formula: C17H19N5
Elimination half-life: 46.8 hours
Trade name: Arimidex, others
Metabolism: Liver (85%)

Arimimed 1mg – Anastrozole – Deus Medical


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Arimimed 1mg – Anastrozole – Deus Medical
This item: Arimimed 1mg – Anastrozole – Deus Medical


Anastrozole, marketed under the name Arimimed 1mg, is an essential aromatase inhibitor used in the treatment of breast cancer, particularly in postmenopausal women. The process of converting androgens to oestrogens in tissues, especially breast tissue, is impeded by the inhibition of aromatase activity. Since some types of breast cancer depend on oestrogen to grow, this decrease in oestrogen levels turns out to be crucial. Steroids for sale effectively slow or stop the progression of estrogen-dependent breast cancer through this mechanism. Because of its possible side effects and unique suitability, Arimidex is prescribed as adjuvant therapy for both advanced and early-stage breast cancer.

How does it work?

Anastrozole, which is also marketed as Arimimed 1mg for sale, is an aromatase inhibitor that works by stopping the activity of the enzyme aromatase. In many tissues, including the breast tissue, aromatase is the enzyme that changes androgens—male hormones like testosterone—into oestrogens, female hormones. This conversion process in peripheral tissues is the main source of oestrogen for postmenopausal women. Arimidex is mostly used to treat postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Progesterone or oestrogen receptors are present in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells, and these receptors aid in the cancer cells’ proliferation. Arimidex assists in depriving these cancer cells of the hormones required for growth and division by reducing oestrogen levels.


Anastrozole for sale is the cornerstone of breast cancer treatment, particularly for postmenopausal women. Breast cancer with hormone receptor positivity is treated with Arimidex prescriptions. When postmenopausal women with early-stage breast cancer receive adjuvant therapy, it frequently lowers their chance of experiencing a cancer recurrence. For breast cancer patients who have oestrogen or progesterone receptors on their cells, Arimidex is particularly effective against these types of cancers. The growth of these cancer cells is inhibited by lowering oestrogen levels.


One 1-milligram tablet of Buy Arimimed 1mg Online is taken once daily. The drug should be continued until the tumour progresses in patients with advanced breast cancer.


The main advantages are as follows:

  • Deficiency of Aromatase:

Buy steroids online works by impeding the enzyme aromatase’s ability to convert androgens into estrogens. As a result, the body’s oestrogen levels significantly drop, which is important for the development of some forms of breast cancer.

  • Adjuvant Medicine: 

To further reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, Arimidex is frequently prescribed as adjuvant therapy, which is administered after primary treatments like radiation or surgery.

Side Effects:

Typical adverse effects could be:

  • Hot flashes: 

Warmth or flushing, usually in the chest or face. Arthralgia, or joint pain and stiffness, is a medical condition.

  • Weakness and Fatigue:

 Experiencing a lack of energy or fatigue.

  • Nausea: 

A feeling of being queasy or having the want to throw up.

  • Bone Pain: 

An ache or soreness in the bones.

  • Risk of Osteoporosis: 

Long-term use of Arimidex gear steroids has been associated with a higher risk of osteoporosis, or the thinning of the bones, and fractures.

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