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This is Beligas? version of the ultra-high purity Human Growth Hormone, also known as somatropin.? Unlike most other manufacturer, Beligas produce these under their state of the art facility in Belgium.? Another plus to this product is that it utilizes the newest two chamber design so you don?t have to mix your bacteriostatic water manually.? The cartridge fits in the Beligas Pen for easy injection.? Human Growth Hormone is often called the ?fountain of youth?.? Instead of inducing testosterone in to your muscle like how other steroids do, somatropin stimulates your pituitary gland to give signal to your body to create more testosterone.? The effect of HGH includes increase youthfulness of skin, increase of muscular density, and most of all, the reduction of body fat (especially at the waist area).? Added benefits also increase healthier hair and nails.? No significant side effects have been observed in patients going through 6 to 12 months treatments.

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Beligas Human Growth Hormone 10x - Int'l Warehouse
This item: Beligas Human Growth Hormone 10x - Int'l Warehouse

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Product Description

Beligas Human Growth Hormone is a pituitary gland simulator. It eliminates the need of injecting steroids like testosterone into the muscles for muscle toning and tightening. Beligas Human Growth Hormone is provided in cartridges. The design of Beligas Pen requires no manual effort of mixing bacteriostatic water to eliminate bacteria factor and improved hygiene.

Beligas Human Growth Hormone can be used over a longer period ranging from 6 months to 12 months. Sustainability and safe testing results over a longer duration prove it safe for those who require more muscle with improved density, such as body building requirements. In addition to providing muscular density, BHGH is an effective solution for fat removal. The best thing about its fat removal function is that it reduces fats from waist and abdominal area giving body a smart look. Buy Steroids USA now!


By controlling and simulating pituitary glands. Controlled simulation of pituitary glands results in generation of testosterone. Long term chemical metabolism and creative process of internally and naturally generated testosterone provided a sustainable and endurance muscle tone. Effluent supply of testosterone in a hygienic dispensed using  antibacterial container and pen provides a healthy as well as  risk and hazard free dispensing method. Steroids for Sale are now available online at Aaspharmacy.

Proper Use and Dosage

The safe dosage is 10 IU to 40 IU a week.

Usage period can be stretched safe from 6 months to 12 months based on objectives set forth and projected results and outcome. Steroids shop should be registered and have skilled staff to guide the customers, who want to Buy Steroids Online


  • Muscular mass density
  • Improves skin, nail and hair
  • Fat reduction
  • Reduced waist and lower body fat

Side Effects

  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Muscular pain
  • Headache
  • General weakness.


Certain hormone allergies should be kept as hazard consideration. Whether you buy somatropin from a shop or buy somatropin online, get it from an authentic one.

Where to Buy Beligas Human Growth Hormone 10x Online?

HGH pen for sale at AAS Pharmacy is having added advantage of customer support advice. suppliers.  During the HGH buy or Buy HGH USA process, over dosage and quality assurance should be ensured. Steroids for Sale is a risky activity. Looking to buy HGH ONLINE USA or make sure it has quality assurance and customer support setup.

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