Packs of 10- 3CC Syringe with 23 gauge

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Needles and syringes.? Comes with 3cc syringe and a 23/22? gauge 1.5/1? inch injection needle

Packs of 10- 3CC Syringe with 23 gauge


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Packs of 10- 3CC Syringe with 23 gauge
This item: Packs of 10- 3CC Syringe with 23 gauge

Pack of 10 – 3 CC Syringe with 23 gauge

The 23 gauge needle is a delicate, small-diameter needle for subcutaneous injections or blood collection. It is useful for many applications.

How does it work?

The 3cc Syringes is a versatile syringe of a medium that contains 3 cubic centimetres maximum volume holding capability. It has the main benefit of being less unpleasant than larger gauge needles, which makes it the most suitable choice for patients who are needle-phobic or for youngsters who need injections.

Advantages of 3 CC Syringe

3 CC syringes are best because they:

  • Are non-Toxic
  • Are Non-Pyrogenic 
  • Have a large and solid finger grip
  • Have bold, strong, and precise gauge markings
  • Have good plunger slide characteristics
  • Have lower chances of causing muscle injury


The 10-pack of 23 gauge, 3cc syring is the best choice for patients and medical professionals.  It saves time and reduces the risk of contamination because multiple injections may be performed without changing needles. The 10-pack makes it easier to preserve a record of the dosages administered, although a replacement syringe is always available.

How many 3cc syringes are enough? 

A set of ten 3cc syring with a 23 gauge needle is usually an excellent option for giving injectable drugs or drawing lots of liquids. 

3 CC Vs 3 mL Syringes

Apparently, there is no difference in volume between the two; both have the same measurement. The main distinction is that whereas cubic centimeters one is utilized for solids, milliliters one is used for fluid amounts. 

Where can I buy syringes Online?

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