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Product Description

Unleash the power of growth factor stimulation with our exceptional IGF-1 DES (1-3) 1mg peptide. This groundbreaking peptide opens the doors to modern biochemistry and performance enhancement, providing a multitude of advantages for individuals seeking optimized recovery, muscle growth, and overall physical well-being. 

How does it work?

At the core of its function, if you buy IGF-1 DES (1-3) 1mg peptide online, a truncated variant of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), takes a precise approach to targeting specific muscle tissues. By triggering heightened protein synthesis and concurrently impeding protein breakdown, this peptide propels the creation of lean muscle mass, setting the stage for accelerated muscle growth. The added advantage lies in its ability to expedite recovery from rigorous workouts and foster efficient mending of muscle fibers, leading to swift regeneration.

Dosage and Administration

For optimum results, the recommended dosage of IGF-1 DES (1-3) for sale, typically ranges between 20 to 50 mcg per day, distributed across multiple injections. It’s imperative to note that dosages should be meticulously tailored to align with individual objectives, body weight, and personal tolerance thresholds. The preferred mode of administration involves subcutaneous injections, ideally administered post-workout to harness the peptide’s anabolic effects during the crucial recovery phase.


If you buy IGF-1 DES (1-3) 1mg peptide provides an extensive array of benefits. These encompass accelerated muscle growth, heightened muscle definition, and augmented muscle density. Users are poised to experience swifter recuperation times, alleviated muscle soreness, and elevated overall endurance levels. This peptide’s targeted approach guarantees the safeguarding of lean tissue while simultaneously fostering fat loss for a sculpted and well-defined physique.

Side Effects

When adhering to responsible usage practices and staying within recommended dosages, the IGF-1 DES (1-3) 1mg peptide is widely regarded as well-tolerated. Potential side effects, if any, might include temporary joint discomfort, symptoms akin to hypoglycemia, and marginal water retention. These effects are usually transient and mild, abating over time. It is highly advisable to seek consultation with a healthcare professional prior to embarking on any peptide regimen.

How to buy DES (1-3) 1mg – Int online?

The acquisition of IGF-1 DES (1-3) 1mg online has been streamlined for your convenience and security through our dedicated steroid shop, Aas Pharmacy. Our offerings encompass IGF-1 DES 1,3 1mg for sale, ensuring the acquisition of an authentic and potent product. Navigating our selection is effortless; simply select the desired quantity, add it to your cart, and proceed through our secure checkout process. 


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