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Active Ingredient: Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid)
Tablet Count: 100 Tab
Molar Mass: 405.966 G/mol
Formula: C26h28clno
Trade Name: Clomid
Concentration: 50 mg/Tab

Clomid 50mg * 100tabs - Hutech Labs


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Clomid 50mg * 100tabs - Hutech Labs
This item: Clomid 50mg * 100tabs - Hutech Labs

Product Description

Avail of this amazing and effective drug Clomid through our online steroid shop. This steroid for sale is available in tablet form. This medical drug is also registered under its generic name clomiphene citrate but you can easily find it just by searching Clomid on our steroid online shop. The Clomid drug is used for fertility problems. Clomid is advised to be stored in a refrigerated environment to maintain its chemical stability and is usually packed in PVC or aluminum packages. It was first used in 1967 and has been in the market for 50 years.

How it affects the body?

For medical issues related to fertility in males, it reduces the production of estrogen in the gland in the brain and stimulates the other hormones, these hormones are FSH and LH which stimulate the production of testosterone improving the sperm count. Buy Clomid Online spikes up the levels of testosterone in the body and this increased level promotes muscle strength building, muscle gain, and other determination factors.

Usage and dosage

It is best to consult a medical physician before use. Clomid 50mg buy which is recommended not to be used for more than 3 cycles in a row. The administration is orally and the dosage includes 50mg daily for five days. For body fitness-related use one is taken for two weeks one tablet daily.


Buy Clomid 50mg which comes with many benefits especially aimed at improving an individual’s fitness and also solving fertility-related issues like increased production of testosterone hormone in males, and increased rate of ovulation. Apart from its medical uses for the treatment of fertility issues in a female, it is also used for muscle building.

Side effects

Buy Steroids USA known aftermath includes issues like hot flashes, which could affect mood and to feel nauseous. They usually go away within a few days or take weeks to completely adjust to this drug.

Where to Buy clomid?

Buy Clomid online by visiting our Hutech online steroid shop finest gears with steroids available on sale. We are open to all customers providing them with the latest quality products. Buy clomid now!


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