HCG – American Brand

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Active Ingredient: Somatropin 5000u/1vial
Amount: 1 Vial
Concentration: 100 IU kit
Presentation: 33.3/MG
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HCG - American Brand


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HCG - American Brand
This item: HCG - American Brand
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Introduction of HCG:

HCG is a hormone in the body that is very beneficial for an individual especially women and this drug is given to provide this artificial hormone to the body of an individual. Steroids for sale  are used to maintain and strengthen the muscles of the body.

This drug is very beneficial according to medical point of view as this drug is used to treat conditions in which hormonal level of hcg is decreased to-below normal level and it causes the disorders and different diseases in the body. Buy steroids online that help in gaining muscular mass.

How does it works?

Hcg for sale online is that drug that is produced by placenta in the mother’s body but due to some reason when hcg is not produced in the placenta so it is injected from outside which helps to maintain the conditions and environment suitable for maintaining pregnancy.

Buy hcg online to treat conditions and disorders that occur due to low levels of hcg in the body of an individual.


The dosage of this drug depends on the requirements of the body and the tolerance rate of the body of an individual. Its dosage usually starts from a low level which can be increased gradually according to the needs of the body.

Normal dosage of this drug is prescribed by doctors according to body requirements and conditions.

Buy human chorionic gonadotropin injection which can be administered intramuscularly and is used to increase the level of this hormone and avoid overdose because it leads to severe side effects.


The following benefits are produced by this drug:

  • It can increase the occurrence or chances of multiple pregnancies.
  • It can be used to increase the level of HCG.
  • It can be used to maintain pregnancy.
  • It can also promote the formation and maintenance of eggs in female ovaries.

Side effects:

Steroids shops keep proper check on these drugs to avoid these side effects:

  • It can cause gait disturbance such that it causes nausea and vomiting.
  • It can also lead to edematous conditions in the body which can lead to swelling of legs.
  • It also causes gain insight and can lead to diarrhea.

Where to buy Online?

One can buy this product from finest gear and AAS pharmacy that provides high quality products.

Gear stars are also helpful to produce protein in the body.


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