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  • Etho Testosterone x 2 (used for 8 weeks)
  • Quant-Equpoise x 2 (use for 8 weeks)
  • Pro Anadrol x 1 (use for 50 days)
  • Arimidex X 2 ( use for 8 weeks)


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This item: Beligas Performance Stack Plus Anti Estrogen - Int'l Warehouse

How does it work?

Etho Testosterone (Testosterone Enanthate) is recommended for muscular mass, fat reduction and muscle repair and toning. It also has magic for bulking or cutting.HIV and red blood cell reduction is treated by using Etho Sterone. It is more than two times effective and stronger than other raw steroids. An anti-estrogen ARIMIDEX is used for deficiency make-up of  testosterone and reduces other side effects of Etho Testosterone. Arimidex is commonly used  to stop aromatase or the production of estrogen during cycles.

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Proper Use and Dosage

Etho Testosterone B.D. (Twice/day) for 8 -20 weeks. Quant-Equpoise B.D. (Twice/day) upto 8 weeks. Once a week for bloodstream homeostasis. 

For Men 400 mg-600 mg / week  

Women 50 mg to 150 mg / week

Pro Anadrol max 25 mg to 100 mg  (use for 50 days) and Arimidex X 2 Max 1 mg/ day ( use for 8 weeks).

Before buying any steroid from Steroids shop make sure you are buying from an authentic one and most importantly with recommendation of your doctor.


  • Muscle-wasting disorders
  • To be used in combination with other steroids in longer Equipoise cycle 
  • Muscles toning and strengthening
  • Better work-out 

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Side Effects

  • Mild chances of Liver Damage
  • Water retention
  • Acne
  • Oily Skin
  • Gynecomastia (in men) 
  • Virilization  (in females)

Anti-estrogens like Arimidex are used to suppress these side effects, however, be careful as extended use of anti-estrogens can cause side effects to the heart like edema. 

Where to buy Beligas Performance Stack Plus Online?

You can purchase the products individually but it is recommended that you get the complete treatment pack for better dosage and administration. Beligas Performance Stack Plus is also available at shops like Aaspharmacy, which hosts a wide range of products for your bodybuilding needs. Buy Steroids USA now! Biligas Performance Stack Plus can be purchased from recommended sources such as AAS Pharmacy since the supplier has trained selling support which can guide and advise proper use of this medicine. It can also be purchased online via other authorized steroid selling approved sites. If you are looking for Hgh pen for sale, it is now available online. 


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