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  • Etho testosterone x 2 (used for 8 weeks)
  • Acro- Trenbolonex 2 (used for 8 weeks)
  • Pro Anadrol x 1 (use for 50 days)
  • Arimidex x 2 (use for 8 weeks)


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This item: Beligas 8 Weeks Powerlifter Stack Plus Anti Estrogen - Int'l Warehouse

Product Description: 

Discover the ultimate solution to unlock your true powerlifting potential with the Beligas 8 Weeks Powerlifter Stack Plus Anti-Estrogen. This carefully curated stack is designed to elevate your strength, endurance, and performance, enabling you to break through plateaus and achieve new heights in your powerlifting journey. Comprising a strategic combination of Etho Testosterone, Acro-Trenbolonex, Pro Anadrol, and Arimidex, this stack has been meticulously crafted to provide you with the support you need to conquer your goals.

How Does It Work?

The Beligas 8 Weeks Powerlifter Stack Plus Anti-Estrogen leverages the synergistic effects of its components to create a potent formula for enhanced powerlifting performance. Etho Testosterone enhances muscle growth and strength, while you buy Acro-Trenbolonex further boosts endurance and lean muscle mass. Pro Anadrol for sale accelerates muscle recovery, enabling you to train harder and longer. To counter the potential side effects, Arimidex, an anti-estrogen, is included to help maintain hormonal balance.

Dosage and Administration:

For an optimal 8-week cycle, take 2 doses of Etho Testosterone and Acro-Trenbolonex daily. Integrate Pro Anadrol into your regimen, consuming 1 tablet per day for 50 days. To mitigate estrogen-related issues, take 2 tablets of Arimidex per week throughout the 8-week cycle.


Experience a multitude of benefits with the Beligas Powerlifter Stack. Unlock explosive strength gains, allowing you to lift heavier and achieve personal bests. Steroids for sale enhance endurance, enabling you to power through intense training sessions without fatigue. Witness rapid muscle growth and recovery, ensuring you’re always ready to tackle your next workout. The included anti-estrogen support helps minimize hormonal imbalances, promoting a healthier and safer performance-enhancement experience.

Side Effects:

While the Beligas stack is expertly formulated to minimize side effects, individual responses may vary. Potential side effects include but are not limited to mood swings, acne, changes in libido, and mild gastrointestinal disturbances. The incorporation of Arimidex helps mitigate estrogen-related side effects. It’s crucial to follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare professional before use.

How to Buy Online?

You have the opportunity to acquire the Beligas 8 Weeks Powerlifter Stack Plus Anti-Estrogen at your convenience through Aas Pharmacy. The process is designed to be both secure and hassle-free. Simply visit our official website of the steroid shop and locate the product page. Place the preferred quantity into your shopping cart and advance to the checkout. Rest assured to buy steroids online,as our online transaction procedure is safeguarded, and your chosen product will be dispatched in a discreet manner to the address you’ve provided.


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