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If you are in search of a testosterone for sale that is a flexible use. Especially when it comes to its variety of uses in your bodybuilding journey. You might want to consider Testosterone Propionate as your product of choice in your fitness goals. This steroid for sale is a fast acting testosterone ester that is present in Propha-Testosterone. This compound is currently available in AAS Pharmacy if you wish to check it out. If you also want to explore your options then you can check other products in the store. 

But in this narrative, we shall focus on Testosterone Propionate and what it can do for you. For starters, this testosterone for sale has the ability to produce promising gains in the early stages of the cycle. Even though it potentially kicks in fast, it is not the most rapid form of testosterone there is. To think that they highly regard suspension in terms of this category of fastness. The compound being fastly absorbent, frequent injections is necessary to keep up with the testosterone levels. Thus, it is recommended to administer the compound through injection every other day. However, note that the frequency of administration varies depending on the cycle requirement. 

Another thing is that testosterone propionate injections tend or have the tendency to be painful for many users. It usually leaves them feeling sore or some instances having to limp: this in the case if the injection is done in the leg.


What are the benefits of taking Testosterone Propionate?

In terms of the benefits you can get with the use of these compounds is not different from most testosterone esters. This means that users can achieve about 20lbs of lean muscle gains. It is with the combination of some fat loss. This usually occurs for individuals who are first time users of the compound. 

You will expect an increase of strength in the first few weeks. This will slowly increase dramatically until the end of the cycle you undertake. The difference of Propionate with any other testosterone for sale is that the results start to manifest even at its earlier stages. It is with the comparison of other testosteron for sale esters such as Enanthate and Cypionate which take more time to show results. 

But then, the end results will be the same as the earliest outcomes regardless of what testosterone ester you consume. It is because these compounds are essentially similar steroids. It is only their peak times that are not of the same stage during cycles. 


What are the side effects of Testosterone Propionate?

If you happen to check on the side effects of other forms of testosterone for sale esters, then the side effects are usually associated. Meanwhile, for propionate side effects are the following:

  • Hair loss
  • High cholesterol 
  • Increased blood pressed
  • Oily skin and/or acne
  • Potential risk of developing gynecomastia
  • Testosterone suppression


The rising of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or sometimes called the bad cholesterol levels. As well as falling of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) is pretty typical. Especially when taking testosterone for sale or any steroids for that matter. But one thing to note about testerone for sale is it is one of the least dangerous steroids for negatively affecting cholesterol. Hence, the blood pressure is more likely to increase. But this can be avoided if there is a moderate dosage intake observed in the cycle. It is important to consume these compounds at a reasonable length of time to manage the side effects that entails it. 

There are instances where bodybuilders supplement the use of it with fish oil. It is to control blood pressure ((BP). They usually consume about 4 grams a day in the whole duration of the cycle. 

It is also worth noting that testosterone is estrogenic. This means that side effects such as water retention, bloating, and gynecomastia are all possible. Hence, it is one of the things to look out for when taking these compounds. Especially gynecomastia which is one of the common adverse effects of these compounds. However, despite the fact that testosterone for sale causes fat loss because of its androgenic nature. Users mainly use the compound for bulking. We can interpret in this choice that many users do not necessarily mind a temporary ‘smooth’ watery appearance. 


What are the possible measures to avoid these side effects?

For one, it is suggested to try SERM such as Nolvadex to reduce the risk of acquiring gynecomastia in the cycle. It is also not recommended to take anti-aromatase inhibitor compounds. As it has the ability to block estrogen which can worsen cholesterol and blood pressure. It is because of the female hormone that has a positive effect on HDL cholesterol. 

On the other hand, oily skin and acne are the most common effects to users. It is the result of the testosterone’s strong androgenic properties that causes the increase of sebum production. 

Above all, the highly suggested measure to avoid the worsening of these side effects is to perform the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). It is the most crucial part in every steroids cycle to reduce the occurence of these adverse impacts. PCT also helps to resurrect the testosterone back to its adequate levels. As well as equipping the body to back on its track of producing natural occurring hormones: testosterone. An efficient PCT typically restores hormone function in an approximate length of 4 weeks. Failure to comply with the PCT may result in low testosterone levels that can persist for several months.  


What are the cycle recommendations with Testosterone for sale Propionate?

Beginner cycle

100 mg every other. A cycle you can accomplish in 8 weeks. 


However, note that this compound is not generally advised for beginners. It is because of its painful injections that may inconvenience first time users. 


Intermediate cycle

150 mg every other day. A cycle you can accomplish in 8 weeks. 


Advanced cycle

200 mg every other day. A cycle you can accomplish for 8–10 weeks. 


Other supplements you can use with the cycle can be: fish oil with 4 grams a day and nolvadex with 20–40 mg a day.





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