Testosterone in men and women for bodybuilding

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Testosterone in men and women for bodybuilding

One of the first things that come to mind whenever people mention steroids for sale is that it is an easy route to weight loss. It is also one of the shortcuts to achieving a buff physique. A lot of notions rise with the popularity of these medications. A lot of brands also contributed to the massive popularity of these steroids for sale. In fact, it resulted in various pharmacies opening to offer these products. One of which is the AAS Pharmacy. They offer some of the most common drugs of their kind which are Cypo Testosterone, Acro Trenbolone, and Deca Durabolin

In case you’re wondering what makes these products famous and very much effective. It is because of the synthetic compound of testosterone. It is the primary male sex hormone that is responsible for the dominant male traits and characteristics. This means that the presence of this hormone will most likely promote muscle growth. Not only in men but also in women. However, since this hormone is the primary hormone present in men. The existence of these hormones in the system will surely fasten the process of bodybuilding. But then, not only that this drug can be used for bodybuilding. But also for individuals who have problems regarding their testosterone levels. On the other hand, some men suffer deficiency with gaining excessive fat making them less susceptible to it. 


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is n charge of the male characteristics. It is the hormone that works its way to create a big impact on honing the male main characteristics. From the biggest to the smallest detail. You can find these hormones in the testicles for men and ovaries for women. 

Hormones play a vital role in the overall systems of the body. The production and release of these hormones into the bloodstream and target cells. It is predominantly responsible for glucose metabolism. The hormone that is compatible with cells will bind once it becomes in contact. The then bound cell will bind with a receptor and shall resurface to execute its primary function in the system. For testosterone in men, it is responsible for male traits such as the deeper voice, stronger bones, increased muscle mass, and growth of facial and body hair. The presence of these hormones will promote the growth of the following characteristics. This goes to show that having adequate levels of testosterone is an essential component among men. Especially for the maturation of the sperm cells and for the sustainment and maintenance of male fertility. 

It is not surprising to be aware that the level of testosterone in men is higher in comparison to women. However, it is also worth being mindful that the hormone plays an essential role in women, likewise in men. 

Ultimately, having an adequate level for both sexes plays an integral part in muscle mass, growth, as well as for bone strength. There are several factors that could affect the production of a sufficient supply of this hormone in the body. However, among bodybuilders, using steroids for sale is a great solution to help their aspirations of having a good physique. 


Testosterone deficiency can cause weight gain 

You should take note that these hormones primarily promote muscle growth and restrain weight gain at the same time. You can infer that in this narrative, insufficiency of testosterone would most likely result in an easy fat gain. It is in comparison to individuals who have sufficient levels. 

It is a given fact that muscles burn more calories than fat tissues. People who lack muscles who have the tendency of eating too much are at a much higher risk of storing excess calories in them. This is an issue among bodybuilders that they want to gain more muscle to stay as buff as they can. 

For compensation for the lack of these hormones among individuals. The majority of concerned individuals devise a plan to bulk up steroids for sale and walk them through the cycles of taking steroids for sale. At this juncture, people with testosterone deficiency began to go through cycles of taking steroids for sale. They also exert more effort on doing training in the gym and following the proper diet needed. This made gym training a big part of their goals—good body physique and sufficient production of hormones to create hormonal balance. 

It is also worth noting that obesity can also contribute to deficiency. This explains why obese individuals suffer from a low production of testosterone. It contributes more to their weight gain. Gaining excess fat is one of the perennial problems of today’s generation. However, there are available medications that can help solve this problem. With steroids, you can address the deficiency and at the same time achieve a good body physique. 


Now, if you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of taking steroids for sale. We shall walk you through its pros and cons. But before that, here are some of the steroids you can purchase in AAS Pharmacy. It is arranged in a categorical order based on its type of administration. 

Injectable steroids 

Oral steroids 

Advantages of taking steroids for sale

Anavar is one of the best-selling steroids for sale in the market today. It is known to be an effective drug in its kind because of its promising results of maintaining a bulky appearance to its users. Some people may mistake its users for just going through cycles of steroids for the sake of vanity. However, just like what has been mentioned earlier, the use of steroids for sale cannot be because of your body aspirations. People also use steroids to address their medical concerns such as testosterone deficiency in men. Women also patronize these drugs because of their medical purpose. Especially in breast cancer patients. 

People spend hours and hours working out in the gym to achieve a body of their goals. Most especially by people in the media whose job description is to basically look good in cameras. These training take a toll on their physical being that explains the big help of steroids for their fast recovery. Especially muscle strain.

This may come in shock, but did you know that steroids can also help performers such as musicians with their vocal cords? Yes, you read it right. These drugs help musician’s vocal cords to easily cope with the strain of constant singing.  

Some actors use these substances to prepare for their roles. As you may know, actors are given characters in haste and they have little time to prepare for it. Bulking up steroids helps them portray the role they are portraying in the cinema or theatre. 

Disadvantages of taking steroids for sale 

You must take note of the principle that anything that is too much can be bad. You can also that the moment you overdo things then that’s the time where you get to the bad sides of it. Steroids are one of the things that once you abuse can lead to something bad. This drug is one of the substances people can abuse because of their desire for faster outcomes. 

 We cannot deny the fact that there are people who use this drug just for the sake of vanity. There is nothing wrong with that since it is the main purpose of the drug. However, this will raise notions and create standards such as people having a bulky body are considered to be the only good looking. Having beauty standards defies the purpose of this drug. Yes, it promotes muscle gain and promises a good body physique. But then, it can also be triggering at some point. People who call themselves “influencers” set these standards. It may send a message to their followers that not having a bulky physique is not good enough.  

There are also users who use the drugs even without proper supervision from experts. One must take note that before and after going through a cycle, an individual must give way to cleanse their system of these chemicals. You should take note that steroids are synthetic products that produce synthetic hormones in the body. These can cause short to long-term adverse effects to the person. Effects that can vary from milder to stronger. 

Take note that steroids for sale are there to give aid to individuals in the healing process and achieve their dream body goals. AAS Pharmacy is one of the companies that primarily focus on promoting health and wellness among its clients. We also want to give assistance to our valued customers dreaming of a good body physique. It is through providing pharmacy and legal grade products. Dive into our systems and be amazed by the wide and diverse options of products you can have. Everything is ready for you to check out. 


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