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Selank 5mg
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Selank was first researched by Russia in the molecular genetics institute. The first thing to know basically is What is selank? Selank is one of the most important peptides. It acts as a medication against anxiety, depression and other issues which increase function of cognition. Its most common version is Selank 5mg

 Like Gear Steroids you can buy them easily from online. This peptide is also used for betterment of the immune system. 

How does Selank 5mg work?

Latest research says that selank peptide work as hormones through which peptides within the brain are stimulated and perform a lot of functions to increase fitness and activities of the brain. 

It performs its function well if you proper selank dosage. It works to enhance several other functions of the human immune system.


The most commonly prescribed selank dosage is selank 5 mg to intake 3 times in a day and also take this drug on a daily basis. Its dose that is suggested is almost 200 to 300 mcg. But do not take more than 400 mcg.

It is also available in sprays so you can get selank benefits from sprays as well. You can take sprays over dose daily but do not take more than 3 sprays. 


Like other drugs selank peptide benefits properly if you take its dosage and maintain a proper diet as well. It does not make a person addicted to it like other drugs.

It helps in increasing the memory of a person and also improves skills of learning. The selank benefits in releasing stress, anxiety and depression and makes mental health strong. It also improves the ability to focus on things that are sometimes disturbed because of many reasons.

side effects:

The most occurring side effects of selank peptide if you take an excess dose are headaches, fever, pain in joints and cramps in muscles.

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Where to buy Selank 5mg online?

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You can buy steroids from their websites as Buy Steroids Online are also available. So always be careful in purchasing such products to prevent yourself from negative effects of it.


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