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Etho-Testosterone 450mg/ml – Int

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Etho-Testosterone 450mg/ml
This item: Etho-Testosterone 450mg/ml - Int

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Etho Testosterone 450 mg is an effective anabolic steroid mixture that has been cautiously developed to increase athletic abilities, muscle development, and general vitality. Each 1 ml ampule contains a potent 450 mg dose of a synergistic combination of testosterone esters, such as Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate. This potent mixture increases your ability for muscle growth by accelerating the synthesis of muscle proteins. It can effectively assist you in achieving your goals, whether you’re a bodybuilder looking for outstanding increases or an athlete aiming for peak performance. With the help of this extraordinary performance booster, gain the enhanced strength, increased muscular growth, and vitality you’ve been seeking. Use 450mg of Etho-Testosterone to advance your fitness journey.


It functions as a strong anabolic steroid combination by supplying the body with a mix of testosterone esters, notably Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate. The prolonged release of testosterone into the bloodstream is ensured by the deliberate selection of these esters for their long-acting properties. A natural hormone called testosterone is essential for bone strength, muscle growth, and general vitality. This essential hormone is progressively and consistently administered with etho-testosterone, boosting muscle protein synthesis and supporting muscular growth. This makes it a top choice for sportsmen and bodybuilders because it results in magnified muscle mass, greater strength, and improved athletic performance. Testosterone ethanate for sale is now available online. 


  • Higher testosterone levels can enhance sexual health, mood, cognitive function, and overall well being. 
  • Improved muscle growth.
  • The persistent release of testosterone encourages the synthesis of muscle proteins, which results in a large increase in muscle mass. 
  • Higher testosterone levels can increase physical strength, enabling tough workouts and better performance. 
  • Athletes often experience higher energy and endurance levels, which improves their athletic performance.

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  • Increased cholesterol levels from increased testosterone levels may raise the risk of cardiovascular issues.
  • Long-term or severe use of anabolic steroids may strain the liver.
  • Women taking etho-testosterone run the risk of developing virilization signs such as voice deepening, clitoral enlargement, and altered menstrual cycles.
  • Exogenous testosterone use has the ability to limit the body’s own production of the hormone, which could result in hormonal imbalances and the requirement for post-cycle therapy (PCT).
  • Some users claim to experience emotional fluctuations, such as an increase in anger or roid rage.

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