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Assuming you might have been stumbling upon numerous articles about steroids for sale and its implications. For sure you already heard of testosterone as the king of beasts in bodybuilding. This certain brand of steroids for sale goes by its name for giving promising results never seen before. There are a wide variety of choices of these compounds that contain the same components of the latter. Each of these compounds has interconnected relationships amongst each other relating to testosterone. Now, you may ask, can these compounds available in the market cause big changes in your body? To address that, yes, certainly. These drugs function to increase muscle size and maximize strength over a period of time given. It is crucial to choose the cycle that will best fit your needs and qualifications. This is one of the first things to note amongst substance for sale users. 

The moment you decide for a certain phase of your choice in consideration with your body and the history of your being. It also includes the performance level and outcome in considering your choices. Some changes you will experience is something that relates to the outcomes in boosting your testosterone levels. However, it is also worth considering the adverse effects it may cause you in the future. 

Some of what we have been mentioned were the factors you must consider in making a choice of taking steroids for sale. From there, you are able to alter some changes that will work best in your cycles. In this narrative, you will obtain relevant knowledge about different cycles there is. By knowing these, it will help you arrive at a decision that will benefit you. Especially, about the directories in the journey to bodybuilding and towards obtaining a good body physique. 

What to expect in testosterone steroids for sale as a user

To know the terms, testosterone is a natural occurring sex hormone in the body that is primarily dominant among males. It is responsible for the traits concerning masculinity. Such as exposing these characteristics in the process during puberty. To give more emphasis on its role, it takes charge on the formation of tessticles part of the body. In which, it initiates the formation in the start of the puberty stage of the males. It continues to do its job of having a full control on the growth until the age of 30. 

However, it is also worth noting that this does not happen to every male individual. It varies according to certain qualifications that makes everyone unique. The production is not the same level as everyone. Besides that testosterone plays a significant role in men. Meanwhile, the testosterone steroids for sale functions to create impacts. And give assistance to the insufficiency of the natural occurring hormone to produce male traits. Specifically, it aids to develop muscle gains to any individual who is taking the compound. It includes giving you the strength that you could never experience before. These are the wonders of the natural anabolic steroids for sale compounds of testosterone do to you as a user. 

Moreover, the androgenic effects of the compounds are the primary cause of the development of a much deeper voice of the male. On the other hand, facial and body hair are the outcomes commonly experienced by men and women in taking the products. 

Testosterone steroids for sale phases 

These compound steroids create a shelter in the body as a prime anabolic safeguard. Having said that, here are some options that might help you decide in choosing a phase as a beginner. Most especially if you are focusing on the goal of bulking up. 


  • Testosterone compound

This, by far, is the most simple cycle that is recommended for beginners of using the compound. It is most ideal to combine and mix. The compounds with incorporation of either Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. The working out period typically lasts for about eight weeks along with the taking of the compounds. After which, you must follow a strict discipline on the pyramid technique. At the beginning of the cycle, it is important to start at a low dosage and slowly surging in the middle of the taking period. And then, decrease its dosage at the latter part in the cycle. 

Take note that you must undergo a post cycle therapy (PCT) after every cycle. It will begin right after two week as you are accomplished on your fifty milligrams per day in Clomid for three weeks. 

  • Low dosage

As a newbie in the steroids for sale world. You are advised to start with low doses. But then, these compounds can give you a hard routine drive and promising improvements in the course of the cycle. For start ups, you can measure the waters at the lowest level of your dosage intake. 

In the mild cycle, the dosage is about 250 mg per week. It will be enough to give adequate benefits you expect the moment you made a decision to go through these phases of taking steroids for sale. On the other hand, these certain phase will also give you benefits such as reducing the possibility of bad outcomes in the long run.  

Hence, it is not advisable and definitely not ideal to reduce the average dose of 250 mg per week in this rotation. It is because this might compromise the benefits you will obtain negatively. Since the purpose of taking these substances is to give assistance in the production of the make hormone in the body. It is important to always remember not to exceed the level or the dosage prescription. 

In a nutshell, 250 mg to 300 mg a week is enough to give you the best results of your desires the moment you take these. It is of course, while staying alert and in control in reducing the advancements of adverse side effects. Another option to consider is the availability of another type of steroids which is testosterone in gel form. It is considered to be the first step medication when you start the testosterone replacement therapy after the cycle. 

  • Relevance of PCT

Nevertheless, Post-cycle therapy is always the crucial part in the course of your rotation in using the compound. This will define the sustainability of the gains you have achieved during the working out period of your circle. It is important to bear in mind that these substances contain synthetic forms of the natural occurring hormone. Restoring your natural hormone level in the body without the presence of the synthetic compound is essential. It is what makes the PCT a crucial part to partake in every after each cycle.

 For users who is experienced in the field

Are you a long-time user of these substances for bodybuilding? And a veteran at that matter? If yes, then you are likely to opt for the advanced method of stacking steroids for sale. You can combine your stack with substances that are considered strong compounds. Such as the Dianabol. Which is known for its strong features and side effects when it comes to bodybuilding related outcomes.

 The combination of these substances with testosterone variants of steroids in the market. It is most ideal for individuals who want their phasing in a longer length of period. They usually accomplish one easter for the first half of the phasing period of their chosen date. And likely to have a switch in the second half of the phase they’re in. Now, if you want to know more about the stacking cycles and techniques you can apply to your routine. Then here are some of them you might like to consider when making a choice. 

List of Cycle techniques

  • Ideal for cutting phase

A rotation suggestion and recommendation for beginners. It is mostly friendly and beneficial for them. As newbies in the bodybuilding and steroids world. 

Week 1–12 — Testosterone Cypionate 

Week 7–12 — Winstrol 

Post Cycle Therapy — Clomid in the course of three weeks and Arimidex for the remaining period of the phase

Ideal rotation for the advanced category — a combination of either of the following:

Week 1–12 — Trenbolone Acetate 

Week 1–12 — Testosterone Propionate

Week 1–12 — Clenbuterol 

Post Cycle Therapy — Clomid for the first ten days in the therapy and shall be replaced with NOlvadex in the next for four weeks


  • Ideal for bulking phase

A 15 week rotation in this phase is mostly ideal and in recommendation to get the best results of your desires. 

Week 1–12 — Testosterone Enanthate 

Week 1–6 — Dianabol and Anadrol

  PCT – Clomid in the course of three weeks to be followed by Nolvadex for the remaining weeks

12 week cycle

Week 1–6 — Dianabol

Week 1–12 —Testosterone

PCT – Clomid 

Note that the products mentioned here are available for purchase in AAS Pharmacy

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

This is the most critical stage in the course of your journey in using steroids for sale. You must be well aware and be careful of the timing in starting the pCT. It will matter on your choices of compounds on the particular interventions with the PCT. Another choice you can consider for therapy is the SERMS and an aromatase inhibitor. This process works in the system to block the estrogen. 

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